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Siemens discovered a processing error for the MAGNETOM Aera magnetic resonance system that may have resulted in some users not receiving Operator Manuals.
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Dr Andrew Wijnberg, a GP in Birmingham and study investigator, said: 'It is the closest thing to a magic bullet.
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Every minute I was with her, shewas cranky, anxious, bitchy, andeven violent — scrunching up her face in fury and grabbing or throwing things at me
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Eatthat pizza right before you decided to go to bed? Many people willfind themselves experiencing heartburn as well as Acid Refuxsymptoms
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experience demonstrates that employer-sponsored health centers’ ROI is highly dependent upon employee
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Some may look to the pharmaceutical industry, placing responsibility on the original patent holders, but all patents for topiramate have expired and the drug is often encountered as a generic
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Some people experience more of a pressure than a pain
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